The reasons that make Switzerland the most livable place in the world

The reasons that make Switzerland the most livable place in the world

When mentioning Switzerland, we immediately think of a country famous for its quality of life and high standard of living. So what are the reasons that make Switzerland the most livable place in the world? Let's find out with Forfun!

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The reasons that make Switzerland the most livable place in the world

Unique cuisine

Swiss cheese and chocolate are not only famous around the world but are also two favorite dishes of the locals. Their shared love for cheese is unmatched. Fondue (cheese hotpot) is one of the easiest dishes to make, although there is much debate about the type of cheese and additional ingredients that produce the best results. As for chocolate, what makes it even more special is the way the Swiss make it. "The Chocolate Train" tour leads you into the world of famous Swiss chocolate factories. In addition, there are many other Swiss specialties worth trying.

Top quality of life

Switzerland is famous for its high quality of life. The cities, housing and food are all top quality. With a low crime rate, you can freely roam around in the middle of the night without worry. The streets are always clean and people attach great importance to maintaining a clean environment. You can even drink water directly from any fountain in the city, because the water here is always clean.

High income and low taxes

Wages in Switzerland are among the highest in the world. Even people working in service jobs such as restaurant staff receive a minimum wage of CHF 20 per hour. As for industries like engineering or banking, income levels can far exceed those in the US for similar jobs. Furthermore, the tax system in Switzerland is designed to reduce the tax load on citizens.

Convenient public transportation and travel

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, making it easy to travel anywhere inside and outside the country in just a few hours by flight. The public transport network is very developed and trains and buses are always on time. You can locate anywhere and get there by public transportation easily.

Work-life balance

In Switzerland, people work to live, not live to work. An 8am to 5pm work culture is the norm and people do not work evenings or weekends. This applies not only to civil servants but also to stores and shopping centers. Unless they are bars, most establishments close at 7pm during the week and are only open until 4pm on Saturdays. Sunday is a great day off and nothing is open. Most people participate in at least 2 sports, which helps them maintain health and have a toned body.

Education is almost free

In contrast to many countries, education in Switzerland is almost free even at the university level. Tuition fees at top universities like ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne are only around 500 CHF per semester, and this applies to both national and international students. Switzerland values ​​education and provides accessible learning opportunities for everyone.

The air is clean and the scenery is stunning

Switzerland is always among the top countries concerned with the environment. One example is that air conditioning is not common here, and Swiss people often prefer to use fans instead of air conditioning. Even when the tropical summer hits with temperatures reaching up to 32 degrees Celsius (~90F), the Swiss people still use fans to cool the environment, which is not only good for the environment but also helps maintain the environment. clean school. Switzerland's landscape has always been exceptional, with many beautiful mountains, lakes and grasslands.

Applying for a Swiss visa, what do you need to prepare?

  • 2 4x6cm white maple photos (new photos taken within 6 months)

  • Passport signed and valid for more than 6 months + Old passport (if any)

  • A clear copy of each page of the family registration book

  • For guests under 18 years old: Birth certificate and Parent's travel consent (Confirmed by Ward/Commune)

  • Marriage certificate (if married)

  • Copies of house and land documents, etc.

  • Savings book or confirmation of savings account balance over 5000 USD (in the most recent time)

* For guests who are employees, you need to:

  • Labor contract with salary and salary statement.

  • Decision on appointment of position (if you currently have a position in the company)

  • Application for leave to travel

* For customers who are business owners, they need:

  • Company establishment license or Business registration license

  •  Tax receipts for the most recent 3 months.

*In case the guest is retired, a retirement certificate is required

Hopefully this article about the reasons that make Switzerland the most livable place in the world has brought you a lot of interesting information. Please contact Forfun via Fanpage: for more useful knowledge!

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