European travel experiences you need to know

European travel experiences you need to know

Europe has always been a destination that attracts a variety of tourists from all over the world, regardless of whether they come from main Europe, distant Asia or anywhere else. This continent is diverse in its beauty and cultural identity, from the modernity and excitement of its cities to the serenity and antiquity of its historic countries. This makes tourists always find something interesting and never get bored when exploring Europe. In this article, let's join ForfunEuropean travel experiences you need to know.

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European travel experiences you need to know

1. What season is best to travel to Europe?

Traveling to Europe is always attractive all year round, and choosing the time depends on your preferences. Some suggestions below:

  • Spring in Europe is often beautiful, with countries boasting beautiful cherry blossom streets in Japan, or brilliant tulip fields in the Netherlands. This is a great time to enjoy nature in cool weather conditions. Some countries you might consider visiting include Germany, France and the Netherlands.

  • Summer is the peak time for European tourism, with the opportunity to enjoy the sea, the sun, and participate in many interesting festivals. However, temperatures can be very high, up to 40 degrees Celsius in some countries, so you need to consider and plan carefully for travel this season.

  • Fall is a great time to travel to Europe, with a cool and romantic atmosphere, especially with rows of yellow trees with falling leaves all over the roads. This season is suitable for couples or people who love beautiful natural landscapes.

  • Winter in Europe often brings snow and is known for its magnificent Christmas festivals. This creates an atmosphere full of magic and will surprise you with the unique beauty of Europe at this time. Winter can also bring exciting aurora borealis.

In short, Europe always has something for you to explore, no matter what time of year you choose.

2. Experience applying for a visa when traveling to Europe

To apply for a visa to travel to Europe, the process and requirements can be quite complicated. Below are some experiences to help you make the visa application process easier:

Schengen Visa Type: Schengen Visa is a popular visa type for European travel. With this visa, you can visit a series of countries in the Schengen area with only one entry procedure in the first country and one exit procedure in the last country. However, you should bring your visa and necessary documents when traveling to prevent unexpected inspections.

Choose a Country that is Easy to Apply for a Visa: Some countries in the Schengen area have a relatively easier visa application process. The Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain are generally viewed more favorably. Meanwhile, Germany, Switzerland and the Nordic countries have a more difficult process.

Proof of Finances: Proof of finances is an important part of applying for a visa. You need to prove that you have enough money to travel and sustain yourself during your time in Europe. This can include bank bills, income documents, credit cards, or any other financial evidence.

Additionally, be sure to comply with any requirements of the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying for. This includes completing all documents, making appointments if necessary, and following visa application time regulations.

You should also pay attention to the issue of financial proof to increase your chances of getting a visa.

3. How much does it cost to travel to Europe?

Calculating the total budget for a trip to Europe can depend on many factors such as the type of travel, how long you plan to stay, and how you manage your budget.

The total cost for a trip to Europe ranges from 30 million to 60 million VND for about 10 days. This includes airfare, daily expenses for food and transportation, along with hotel stays. To save, you can look for deals and choose low-cost or free activities.

Top countries to visit when traveling to Europe


France, with its romantic beauty and classic architecture, always attracts tourists. The Eiffel Tower is an icon in Paris, and you can't miss the chance to enjoy croissant here. Be sure to carefully preserve personal belongings to avoid theft, which is common here.


With friendly people and unique natural landscapes, the Netherlands is a safe destination. You can explore the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank's house, and enjoy time in Vondelpark. Don't miss the exciting experience of sailing through Amsterdam's famous canal network.


Italy is famous for its excellent cuisine. This is the country of pizza, cheese, gelato and pasta. Florence with its large Piazza del Duomo square and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa are destinations not to be missed.


Belgium, a small but impressive country, immerses you in a home world of charming landscapes. Don't forget to try delicious chocolate and buy it as a souvenir when you visit this country.

Hopefully this article has shared with you useful and attractive European travel experiences. Contact Forfun via Fanpage: for more useful information.

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