What do you need to prepare for your first trip to America?

What do you need to prepare for your first trip to America?

America is a diverse and exciting country, with many majestic natural landscapes, vibrant cities and unique culture. If you are planning to travel to the US for the first time, please refer to the information you need to prepare below to have a convenient, complete and memorable trip.

To be able to travel to the US, in addition to money, the first thing you must prepare is a US tourist visa and besides that, the following notes. This article will guide you on what you need to prepare when traveling to the US for the first time.

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1. US tourist visa

The prerequisite to enter the US is to have a visa. Currently, Vietnam has two types of visas tourism Common in America are B1/B2 and B2/B1. B1/B2 visa allows you to travel, visit relatives and participate in short-term business activities in the US. B2/B1 visa allows you to travel and participate in short-term business activities in the US.

To apply for a US tourist visa, you need to prepare complete documents and submit them to the US Embassy or Consulate in Vietnam. 

No need to submit the application in advance, bring the original on the interview day

Copy submitted immediately upon registration, including:

1. US visa declaration form 

2. New passport

3. Old passport (if any)

4. Two new 5*5 photos with white background


5. ID card/CCCD.

6. Household registration

7. Marriage certificate (if any)

8. Business registration (if any)

9. Labor contract (if any)

10. In case of retirement: Retirement card / Retirement decision

11. Minimum savings book 100,000,000 VND/person

12. Real estate documents, other documents and contracts proving income (if any)

2. Airfare and hotel

Depends on time and location tourism where you can choose suitable air tickets and hotels. You should book air tickets and hotels early to get the best prices.

3. Luggage

Luggage when traveling to the US needs to meet airline and US customs regulations. You should bring necessary items such as clothes, shoes, personal belongings... In addition, you should also bring some important documents such as passport, visa, immigration documents...

4. Currency

The official currency of the US is the US dollar (USD). You can exchange USD at banks or gold shops. Additionally, you can also use a credit or debit card to pay in the US.

5. Travel insurance

Travel insurance will help you be protected in case of unexpected incidents such as accidents, illnesses... You should buy travel insurance with wide coverage and high compensation levels.

6. Knowledge of American culture

America is a multicultural country, with its own unique cultural features. You should learn about American culture before going tourism to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

7. US travel schedule

You should plan a specific travel itinerary before going to make the most of your time in the US. You can refer to package tours to the US or create your own schedule.

8. Travel experience America

Here are some travel experience America that you can refer to:

• You should travel to the US in spring (from March to May) or fall (from September to November) to avoid too hot or too cold weather.

• You should buy tickets to visit famous tourist attractions in advance to avoid waiting in line.

• You should wear polite clothes when visiting religious sites.

• Should respect American culture and customs.

Hopefully the above information will help you prepare well for your first trip to the US. Wishing you a fun and memorable trip!


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