Activation Instructions

For iOS devices
Step 1: Open your iOS device, go to Settings > Cellular/Cellular.
Step 2: Select Add Celular Paln/Add Cellular Plan
Step 3: Scan the QR code containing the eSIM that you have received.
Step 4: Select Add Cellular Plan / Add a plan
Step 5: Select Personal / Mount eSIM data
Step 6: Set your eSIM as Cellular Data/Default Line > select Continue/Continue.
Step 7: Set your eSIM as Cellular Data/Default Cellular Data > select Done/Done.
Step 8: Enable Data Roaming/Data Roaming to start using your eSIM.
For Android devices
Step 1: Open your Samsung device, go to Settings/Settings > Connections/Connections.
Step 2: Select SIM card manager/SIM card manager
Step 3: Select Add mobile plan/Add mobile plan.
Step 4: Select Scan carrier QR code/ Scan the service provider's QR code and proceed to scan the eSIM code
Step 5: Select Confirm/Confirm to save your eSIM profile.